About Us

Clarkfield Area Charter School envisions itself as a school of excellence that fosters a love of learning which allows all students to reach their maximum potential. Clarkfield Area Charter School will accomplish educational excellence by utilizing highly effective teachers, whose data driven instruction, will focus on their students individual learning styles in order to build concrete foundation in academics. Educators will promote strong moral values, healthy lifestyles, global and local awareness, and utilize community involvement to ensure academic success

AS a change friendly school, CACS faculty and staff will embrace opportunities and innovation that will increase their effectiveness and sustain a financially sound institution. CACS Faculty and staff, along with strong parental partnerships, will guide each student to reach his/her full academic and social potential in order to ensure success in their future.!At Clarkfield Area Charter School, we believe that all K-6 students have a purpose and learn in a unique way. Our mission is to develop a love of learning by finding and teaching to the students' individual learning styles and expanding their knowledge through community based learning. This will allow students to master academic building blocks necessary for a successful transition to junior and senior high school. Learning will take place in a nurturing and stimulating environment with a 15 to 1 student to teacher ration where staff, families and community members support students to become life-long learners leading healthy, active and productive live .